Don't be jealous people!!! Matt and I are in New Orleans! It is amazing and terribly HOT and HUMID.... luckily Lori has a swimming pool in the backyard! Matt, Cooper, and Luke are out there swimming right now. I would be too but Matt decided to go swimming after I got all ready for the day! :( So now i'm sitting in the cool house cause it's way too hot to sit outside and tan... :(

Once Lori gets back from taking Jaxon to the doctor we will be heading to the zoo, I think...

Oh and my birthday is tomorrow!! YAY 22! Matt, Lori, Matt, and I are going to a place called Commanders Palace! It is a very very fancy restaurant. We have to get all dressed up! :) don't worry i will put up some pictures...

Alright well i'm out of here. :) see ya suckers


Poor Lil' Sulley :(

So Matt has been on my case to get Sulley into the vet to get him declawed... Unfortunately I gave in and set the appointment. We took him in today to get declawed and to take his manhood away from him.. :( He is going to not be a very happy camper when we pick him up from the vet tomorrow. Ya know how sometimes animals take their revenge out on their owners for being heartless.. Well I really hope Sulley isn't like that...

I called the vet to make sure he was still alive and the lady told me he has been sleeping soundly and that everything looks fine :)

On a different note, one of my very good friends Brooke and Chris are getting married tomorrow!!!! I am very excited for them! Matt and I are going to the temple for the sealing! Then picking up the sad kitty after haha :)

So a couple good things will come out of tomorrow...Brooke and Chris are getting MARRIED! and I don't have to go into the Biomat (the place i work) at all tomorrow!!! What a great day! :)

P.S. Baby is getting bigger!! He or She is in between the size of a fig and a lime :)


Good Ol' Stake Conference

Well today was stake conference, and Matt and I didn't know....
So we get all ready and everything and are about to head out the door, when Matt decides to check his email...
He found an email that said it was stake conference and that it started at ten and it was now 12:50 HAHA. so we totally missed church without even trying! Take that Kelsie and Orrin!! :)
Now we are heading to my parents house to help them clean up before the new people move in! Then it's on to Matt's parents house for HAMBURGERS! :) (Life will be so much easier when my parents finally get their house built by the Alter's!)

Anywho, have a great Sunday!


First Dr. Appointment..

April 26th was our first Dr. appointment. We heard our little baby's heartbeat! It was amazing! It was about 1.74 cm long. So little... It's heartbeat was 164 bpm.

Our next appointment is on the 25th of May.

Things are going...not great but not bad. HA. I have thrown up a total of 7 times, but I haven't gone a day without feeling nauseous. I actually just found out today that i have a UTI.. :( It is causing major back pains right now. It sucks way bad! Today at work I almost passed out as well! I was in the middle of sticking someone and i got extremely light headed and i could feel the blood drain from my face. I got sweaty and shaky it just sucked! So they sent me home :) so that was a plus in a way.

Anywho, nothing else has really gone on, Matt is back a geneva thank goodness! He is a much happier camper lol! And well everything else is the same!

So Much Has Happened!!!!

Okay so lets start with I am terrible at blogging! :)
First off KELSIE and TERESA are pregnant! They are about 2 weeks apart i think... So Kelsie told Matt and I that they were pregnant and it got mine and Matt's brains thinking. (I know what a shocker) We came up with an idea that we thought we should think about getting ready to have a baby too... Little did we know that we had quite the surprise coming our way.

It was a Saturday and Matt and I wanted to go look at this condo so we invited Matt's family to come along with us. I was talking to Kelsie and was telling her that i hate just waiting for your period to start! it sucks! (meaning i was supposed to start my period that day!) I also said that i was feeling very bloated and it just sucked! Later that night we were all going over to a family birthday party for Matt's dad David and his Aunt Christie. Kelsie and Orrin decided that they were going to announce to the whole family that they were pregnant!! YAY.

While sitting at the party talking to Orrin and Kelsie, the four of us thought it would be hilarious if both of us were pregnant! Matt and I then left the party right before dinner to get a pregnancy test!!!! We ran into the bathroom to take it..meaning i ran into the bathroom..alone lol.. while we were waiting for the test to deliberate the result! lol. The rest of the family was waiting on us in the bathroom, not knowing what we were doing in there, to say the prayer. So not having much time we read the result and it was negative.. :( how sad... So we went through the party a little bit sad.

Later that night we went to see How To Train Your Dragon with Kels Orrin Dave and Kelly. While we were in the car i saw my pregnancy test in my purse :( thinking it was negative i pulled it out and asked Kelsie if she wanted to see the sad little negative sign! She said sure and i pulled it out!!!! When i came to look at the little bugger there was no negative sign to be seen!!!!! IT WAS A POSITIVE! I yelled at Matt, "That's a freakin plus sign!!" The rest of the night went by so slow! We just wanted to take another test to make sure we didn't have a mishap...

That's right people we are PREGNANT!!!


Valentine's Day!

Now these two pictures were taken on our way to The Homestead! Matt decided to not surprise me with a trip to The Homestead. You see he was just so excited that we were going that he told me the surprise before we even started packing lol! But it was still very fun and awesome! If you don't know The Homestead is in Midway, and Midway is a town inbetween Heber and Park City.
After checking into our COTTAGE! (Yeah a cottage! It was way cool. It was split into 4 rooms 2 down stairs and 2 upstairs. We had an upstairs room. But it was fun.) We did a little "site seeing." We went across the street to where his grandparents cabin is located to look at the cool ice sculptures! They were amazing! I suggest taking a trip up there to see them! during the day they are way cool, but at night they have lights in them!
You can kind of see the lights inside the one to the left! Oh and sorry about the sideways picture! I couldn't figure out how to turn it the right way! Dont make fun of me! I know you are all thinking it! So in the picture with the both of us...we are standing inside one of these ice fountain things! It's the biggest one there and they cut out a hole so you can walk through it! :)
After our little get away we met Kelsie, Orrin, Kelly, and Dave at the Hogle Zoo. I have more pictures they are just all sideways and I feel a little retarded that i can't figure out how to change the direction of them! It's driving me nuts!!

Introducing..... SULLEY!!!

Well this right here is SULLEY! The new addition into the Alter family!

He is the cutest little thing ever! The picture doesn't really do him any justice for how cute he is...just not very photogenic I guess.. :)

But seriously he is so so cute! When both matt and I are gone all day long and he is left alone he sleeps in our bathroom in the very corner. HA! In a little ball! Then when he sees me he jumps up and starts to purr, and as soon as I pick him up he is rubbing his head on my chin and purrs so so loud! Its awesome :) He does have claws which makes things kind of sucky..such as when me and Matt are eating dinner and he doesn' feel like being ignored he will just climb on up our legs to get on the table! Sometimes it is funny, but most of the time Matt doesn't think so... HAHA sucker! Oh and he has never had an accident!!! How amazing is that?! I love it! We don't have to worry about leaving him out and about while we are gone cause we know he will go in the litter box!!

O.K. now on another note...
Kelsie and I are doing this workout thing together and I love it! The deal is we have to work out everyday for about an hour give or take lol! And we can only eat out once a week and out on a date eat out once a week, the person who has the most workout hours at the end of the month gets a lunch on the other person! :) Kelsie...it's on...love you! ;)